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It takes a lot of people to put on the outdoor event of the year! There is a little something for everyone when it comes to volunteerism at Duckfest.

Have a blast while giving back by volunteering at Duckfest. We have opportunities for individuals, clubs or corporate groups.


All Duckfest volunteers receive an exclusive Duckfest shirt. Plus, you get to enjoy the festivities during your shift!


Reasons to Volunteer

  1. Show Off Duckfest Swag: As a volunteer, you'll receive an exclusive event t-shirt.

  2. Support Local Charities: All the proceeds raised to support a local charity here in Missouri.

  3. Make New Connections: Our volunteers are a fun and a generous bunch that value making a difference.

  4. Enjoy a Free Meal: You won't go hungry! Eat a delicious meal during or after your shift. *Subject to time volunteering*

  5. Join the Party: Volunteers have constantly expressed the fun in joining in the festivities

Registration is open! Click the link below to be a part of the fun.


 “I have volunteered at Duckfest for 3 years and it has been incredibly fun each year! It's another way I can show support for a mission I love and it allows me to meet new people who are just as passionate!"

Arin L, Volunteer

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